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3 time SBVK finisher Molly Troup talks Channelkeeper and trail running during Covid 19

Molly’s first run up SBVK was flush with water flowing down the Mission Creek watershed which Tunnel Trail travels along. As someone who work revolves around Santa Barbara’s watersheds, this was a treat that may have slowed her a bit. As a trail runner, she found SBVK to be a great test to keep her […]

SB High School Track and Field copes with a lost season

The key to becoming a great runner comes from years of progression. For many competitive runners, high school track is a pivotal part of that progression (it certainly was for me). More important than the physical progression is the social bonding that high school athletes get out of their sports. While high schoolers are rightfully […]

What is a VK?

A VK, or vertical kilometer, is an event that emphasizes running or hiking up one kilometer in altitude, rather than covering a long distance. Born in the Alps, original VKs often climb 1000 meters (3281 ft) of altitude with less than 5km of distance traveled. The shortest, steepest VKs are almost like going up a […]