The Tunnel2Tunnel Course starts at Mission Tunnel.

Mission Tunnel, the tunnel for which Tunnel Road and Trail are named, goes under the mountains to the Santa Ynez valley and brings water from Gibraltar Reservoir.

To get to the start, head up a half mile from the gate at the end of Tunnel Road. Follow this small driveway that veers to the right. Take the driveway about 100 meters to the tunnel.
Start at Mission Tunnel and take the hairpin turn up the main road to Tunnel Trail.

Follow the service road to Tunnel Trail. Make sure to turn on Tunnel Trail. There is no marker other than a pole that once had a sign. If you get to Jesusita trail you’ve gone too far.
This route follows the same route as SBVK. You’re welcome.

At the junction of Tunnel Trail and Rattlesnake Connector Trail, go right following this sign toward Gibraltar Road.

This is where the course is departs the SBVK course.

As you near the floor of the canyon you will come to a clearing. Stay to the left to stay on Rattlesnake Connector Trail. There are no trail markers here.

Take Rattlesnake Connector Trail up the other side of the canyon to Gibraltar Road. Go right and head down the road. Enjoy the view! (but watch for cars)

After about a mile on Gibraltar Road the road has a big hairpin turn and room for some cars to park. Follow the sign for the West Fork Cold Springs Trail.

The course ends at Cold Spring Tunnel. The tunnel is half hidden behind trees and bushes and is easy to miss. This is the first place where water flows across the trail on this stretch. Take a step or two past the water and you’re done!


Santa Barbara VK starts at the corner of Montrose Place and Tunnel Drive. It climbs a bit over 1000m in around 10km of distance to La Cumbre Peak.

Start at Montrose Place and Tunnel Drive. The road sign is the start. There is enough parking for a few cars before the intersection or just after.

From the start, head up Tunnel Road to the trail head. Around 1 mile, continue past the gate onto Spyglass Ridge Road. Follow the signs to Tunnel Trail and Jesusita Trail. Tunnel Trail is in the trees to your right as seen below. This is the only turn that isn’t well marked on the trail.

To continue onto Tunnel Trail, enter the tunnel of trees. This turn is around 1 3/4 miles from the start. It is the easiest turn to miss on the course.

Follow Tunnel Trail until Camino Cielo Road which is around 5 miles from the start. Turn left onto Camino Cielo Road, after around 1 mile up the road. Turn sharp left to La Cumbre Peak.

Go Left around the loop at the top. Going right will still get you there but it’s a little longer.

Go clockwise around the loop at the top following the direction of the arrow on the ground. The finish is as you go past the lookout tower.

The abandoned lookout tower, is the finish line.

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