The purpose of the Santa Barbara VK and Tunnel 2 Tunnel is to bring the Santa Barbara running community together virtually with a common challenge while we are not able to come together in person. These rules are meant to promote trail running on our social channels to inspire others to get out and enjoy beautiful trails in a safe and fun way.

Follow the following rules for your results to be posted. The end of the challenge is at the end of the day on Friday, May 8th.
Rule 1. Read the page about safety on the trail if you haven’t already. That page is HERE.

Rule 2. Practice social distancing. Give people space and do not congregate anywhere.

Rule 3. Bring the following required gear: at least 1 liter of water or other fluid, at least 300 calories of food, a jacket, and a fully charged cell phone. (a jacket is no longer required)

Rule 4. Running West from Mission Tunnel to Cold Spring Tunnel is the challenge. Running back is not required. The same gear requirements are required whether you run out and back, a loop, or arrange a ride back.

Rule 5. Make sure you have plenty of time to complete the whatever run you have planned before dark. This is not meant to be a night time activity. No matter how fast you are, please start before 4pm (a 5pm start is ok only if you have arranged a ride back down).

Rule 6. There are two gear checks performed by taking a picture of your required gear at the start and the finish (Be sure to have recognizable features in the background and/or foreground). Selfies are great, creativity is encouraged.

Rule 7. Time yourself with a watch or phone. GPS enabled is best. Post your time and/or take a picture of your time.

Rule 8. Share your experience with the required photos and more @SantaBarbaraVK on Instagram and/or the SBVK on Strava use #Tunnel2Tunnel on Instagram or on Strava.

Rule 9. Do not push yourself beyond your capacity. Do not race up and down the hills. Make sure that you can maintain your effort for more the whole run, uphill and downhill. Especially when running down hill, make sure that you are under control enough to stop quickly and be courteous to other trail users.
If you ever feel like you might not make it, turn around immediately. If 13 miles on the trail is more than you are prepared for, please still enjoy the trails and share your pictures.

Rule 10. Participate as many times as you would like! Each entry submitted will be posted in the results.
Now that you understand the rules, check out the course.