Santa Barbara VK Update

It has been thrilling to watch SBVK gain a following and to have so many people participate, especially the the runners that experienced Tunnel Trail for the first time! Thank you to the 46 people that completed the challenge and for those that followed along!

I anxiously hurried to get SBVK going because I thought there would be a limited time before we would be racing again. I wish that were true. There is no telling when races will be back.

I knew this event couldn’t replace the thrill of lining up for the races that we had planned, but I hoped it could give us something to test ourselves with for the time being. I was also nervous that the trails would be closed or that running would be in violation of rules or norms. Thankfully, other than a construction delay at Tunnel Trailhead, running on the Santa Barbara trails has gone on. Safety is still a big concern, but the trails are open and most people are being extra courteous and conscientious.

Summer travel plans are evaporating. Many of our fellow trail runners had plans to race all over the world this summer. This week Ultra Trail Mont Blanc in the European Alps, the biggest event in the trail racing world and one that multiple SBVK participants were planning to do, should announce the status for their events this year. I would love to be wrong, but it seems inevitable that most of us will see anticipated trips like UTMB canceled and we will be staying home.

Fog rolling in viewed from La Cumbre Peak

With travel mostly halted, our exploration needs to stay local. Hosting SBVK has focused my exploration on La Cumbre Peak and the route up to it. I’m not just getting out and enjoying the beauty but I’m researching more about our our home and the mountains in our backyard. La Cumbre Peak and the mountains that tower over Santa Barbara have diverse ecology, unique geography, and rich history.

I am planning a new challenge similar to SBVK. There are no races on the horizon and I’d love to share some of the exploring I’ve done. I have a route in mind and will announce it soon. The course will celebrate Santa Barbrara’s trails and history. I will post some updates on Instagram this week to tease the new course while work on transitioning this website to the next phase.

I will keep creating content focused on the trails and I intend to organize a real race up La Cumbre Peak when it is appropriate. Please signup for the newsletter below for updates and news.

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