Running Up Hill

Tips For Running Up Hill

  1. Start Slowly! Pacing yourself is key to any run, but when that run is uphill it is doubly important. Once you’ve gone beyond your abilities, it is very hard to recover while still going up hill. As your body adjusts to a rhythm of climbing and get into the middle of the uphill, then you may be able to push yourself a little more.
    If you do over extend yourself, don’t be afraid to walk or even stand still for a period. Slowing your heart rate and then restarting at an appropriate pace can help you get up the hill faster than indefinitely slowing from fatigue.
  2. Shorten your stride! Taking short quick steps is much more efficient than trying to take longer steps when the terrain gets steep. Short steps require less force to take off and while you absorb less force on landing allowing you to stay on your toes. By staying on your toes you keep the ground contact time shorter for each step causing the pace to be faster while using less energy.
  3. If your feel like you could walk faster than you’re running, you’re probably right! When the terrain gets steep or technical, walking is often best. Walking takes less energy, helps you maintain stability, and can be more fluid than running when the terrain is not conducive to running. Walking through the steep sections doesn’t need to be easy though. Quick, powerful steps, often with hands on the knees are necessary to maintain a quick pace until the course flattens out and you begin running again.

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